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Efficient and Dependable.

You can learn more about converting your home to natural gas over here on the NYSEG website. 


First, you'll apply online or call them to get the ball rolling. Next, you will complete a commitment letter. You're telling them that you agree to connect a gas appliance to your home's new natural gas service within 90 days. If your home is 100 feet or less from a natural gas main, NYSEG will install the service from our main to your house for free. Service lines will be constructed to the closest, most suitable meter location (often in the front corner of the home, away from the driveway, or near another meter). If you prefer an alternate location than the one NYSEG selects, you are responsible for the cost of service from NYSEG's selected location to the one of your choosing.

NYSEG will swing by to confirm your service and meter design. After they install the service and meter, we get to work connecting your natural gas appliance - your heating system, oven/stove, or dryer. Once this is completed, an appointment with NYSEG will be scheduled to turn on the natural gas supply.

The Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is convenient and economical. Plus, it burns much cleaner than traditional heating oil, so it’s better for both your home and the environment. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel – doesn’t leave behind soot, ash or odor.


Current natural gas rates are substantially lower than heating oil, and natural gas customers don’t deal with the maintenance and equipment costs typically associated with oil heat, such as motors, pumps, filters, and permits. It is priced lower than oil or propane. You pay for what you use, when you use it. No tanks to fill for future use. No worries about running out. 


Natural gas is a reliable, domestic resource, piped directly to your home or business with no need to rely on costly fuel deliveries. It is delivered to your home through a pipeline system that is not commonly affected by weather or adverse conditions. That means natural gas eliminates the need for storage tanks, and the threat of oil spills from deliveries and soil contamination.

How To Convert To Natural Gas

Baby biting warm blanket in cozy house

Convert to natural gas to benefit from efficient and dependable energy.

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