Keep Your Home Safe and Sound While You Head South With Winterization by BODEK INC.

Heading South for the winter? Next stop Florida? Embrace your snowbird status but...


Don't forget about your plumbing and heating in your plans to winterize your vacant home! You'll need to protect your pipes to avoid water damage by turning off your water supply, or you'll have to keep your heat pumping (and make sure it doesn't go out for whatever reason) to ensure they don't freeze and burst.

This is where we come in. We will shutdown your water before you leave and have you back up and running so your home is warm and toasty when you return. A burst pipe causes major damage. Leaving your water on while you are gone increases the risk of pipe damage. 

Northern snowbirds enjoy winter warmth and palm trees down South

Should you opt to leave it on, turn down or shut off your water heater: Your water heater doesn’t need to run all winter when no one is there to use hot water (of course, if you have hot water baseboard heat this is different for you). We will reduce the temperature as low as it will go, and/or turn off the breaker that controls the water heater.

Now is also a great time to have your HVAC seasonal maintenance on your heating system performed to ensure it works properly. Changing the filter before leaving will allow the furnace to perform well all winter. Turn your heat down, not off: It may seem silly to pay for heating when you’re not even home, but keeping the heat running is another way to keep your pipes intact while you are gone. Lower the thermostat, but keep your heat set to at least 55 degrees to prevent freezing within the walls.

It's likely you know when you'll be gone and back, so don't wait until the last minute to get on the calendar with us. If we find anything amiss, we may need more time to get it fixed. You certainly don't want a $5 part to lead to a catastrophe for you to come home to. We've seen it enough to know what to look for to ensure a warm welcoming homecoming.

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