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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Service | Air Conditioning Maintenance | AC Service and Maintenance

Stay cool! Have your air conditioning system serviced annually.

Get into a routine to keep your air conditioner operating at peak performance.


When Should I Request Air Conditioning Maintenance Be Done?

It's best if you have your service done before the hottest days of summer are here. Mid-late spring is an excellent time to have an appointment scheduled. But remember not to wait until then to give us a call because spots fill fast. A good trigger to remember to call to schedule your appointment is daylight savings time. 



What Service Is Done Annually?

Every year your AC unit needs to be cleaned. Dust, dirt and debris are removed from the grill and exterior of the unit. You don't want airflow to be restricted. 

BODEK INC. will conduct a thorough investigation of your unit. Your air filter will be cleaned or replaced. Loose screws are tightened. The fan belt and bearings are lubricated, if necessary. Any blockages that we might find are removed. Your unit is also inspected for any possible repairs. Now is the best time to make any necessary fixes. 


Why Should I Service My AC Unit & Air Conditioning System?

Regular service and maintenance of your air conditioning unit will extend its life. Take care of your investment and it will take care of you. Make sure you are trouble-free in the hot, humid summer months.

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