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Hot Water Tank Boilers

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Binghamton Boiler Repair, Boiler Installation & Boiler Maintenance

BODEK INC. is your trusted Binghamton heating repair and installation contractor. We have repaired and installed thousands of boilers across the Southern Tier of New York. BODEK INC. technicians have the experience and expertise to solve your heating problems from routine maintenance to new installations to emergency repairs.


How Do Boilers Heat My Home?

Boilers provide radiant heat. Water is heated and circulated through copper or PEX tubing in traditional radiators, modern radiators, or hidden in walls and floors. The heated hot water from the boiler warms the walls, objects and surrounding air in the room. Do you have hot water baseboards in your home? It's your boiler that supplies the hot water to warm them.

What are the Benefits of a Boiler Heating System?


Most new boilers are 90% more efficient. Saving you money and heating more effectively.


Modern boilers are smaller than their predecessors. Since they take up less space, that leaves more room for you! You can even choose from tankless wall-mounted high-efficiency units!


You probably won't even notice when your boiler is working because they are so quiet.


Your home will be evenly heated with no cold spots to worry about. Even with the harsh Binghamton winters to consider.

Boilers that run on natural gas, fuel oil or propane are the most common and effective. These boilers supply hot water at the high temperature (about 180 degrees Fahrenheit) needed to heat your home from baseboard radiators. 


Unsure which option is best for you, don't hesistate to call BODEK INC. today. Let's get started!

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