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Check that water valves are fully open.

This includes those near the water meter and the water main. Make sure that any shutoffs under sinks weren't inadvertently closed.

Narrow down the pressure problem.

If it is a specific fixture, the problem could be the faucet or shower itself. Run hot water and check the pressure. Turn off. Run cold water and check pressure. Turn off. Run both simultaneously and check pressure. Is the pressure low on both or only one? If your water pressure is low for hot water, but not cold water, then it may be a problem with your water heater.

Check for clogs and leaks.

You can have low water pressure because of a leaking toilet or water main.

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Tired of your shower being a trickle of water? Does your washing machine take forever to fill? Low water pressure is to blame. Leaking pipes and corroded pipework can cause pressure issues. Lime deposits can also create clogs that restrict the flow of water. 


Is this problem limited to one fixutre or area of your house? Or is the problem throughout the house? If you see a visible leak, do not wait to call. This can quickly esclate into a more serious, and expensive, problem that can lead to severe damage. It is vital that the leak is repaired by replacing or upgrading the pipework.


BODEK INC. will be with you every step of the way of diagnosing and repairing your water pressure problem. Call us at 607-777-9974 to schedule your service today.


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