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Cross connection is when your drinking water and another source of water is allowed to mix. Potable water can be exposed to unwanted contaminants. If it is allowed to mix it can contaminate your drinking water system.



[These can lead to backflows that can cause sickness or death]


  • Filling your swimming pool by placing your garden hose in the pool.

  • Putting a hose in your pets water bowl, bucket, trough or tank.

  • Snaking a garden hose down a slow moving or clogged drain to try to clear out debris.

  • Connecting your garden hose to plant fertilizer or bug sprayer units.

  • Standing water in sprinkler systems can backflow if the water main is turned off.

BODEK INC. is your backflow certified plumber – installation, repair, testing and certification!

BODEK INC. is experienced and certified to work on most all brands of backflow devices including Watts, Wilkins/Zurin, Ames, Febco, Hersey, and many others. We will be there every step of the way from installation to testing and certification. Give us a call if your backflow prevention assembly is in need of repair or annual certifcation.


The Safe Drinking Water Act (1974) requires that you must have an approved backflow prevention device installed and maintained. This backflow prevention assembly is installed to ensure that cross connections cannot occur. We have the expertise and institutional knowledge to ensure that your backflow prevention device is in tip-top shape. We are Binghamton's professional backflow testers!



Backflow is when the water in the piping in your home flows backwards. The water has passed the water meter and due to either backpressure or backsiphonage, the water flows opposite of its normal flow.

  • BACK PRESSURE is when the pressure in your house is greater than incoming water pressure.

  • BACK SIPHONAGE is when a pipe develops negative pressure. This can occur when water is temporarily shut off for a repair.


Pipes with shutoffs and cross connections
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