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Radiator Installation & Repair

Radiator | Radiator Installation | Radiator Repair

Keep Your Radiators Pumping Our Heat All Season Long!

BODEK INC. has the expertise to deal with all your radiator installation requirements - including multiple fittings, one-off replacements and radiator repairs.

Do You Own An Older Home You Want To Preserve?

You don't have to install a forced-air furnace! The invasive ductwork often requires sightline-marring soffits and dropped ceilings to accommodate the new heating system.

BODEK INC. can help you keep your radiators warm and toasty when you need them the most while preserving the integrity of your period-home. When a replacement is required, we pair modern, efficient boilers with existing radiators (and, where needed, new supply and return piping). This approach creates a more historically accurate appearance as well as a quality of heat many homeowners prefer.

In our experience, radiators are almost always fine.  It's the boilers that usually need to be replaced, because they're either leaking or just completely inefficient by today's standards.


Radiators do need to be checked for leaks, especially between individual sections. Units assembled before 1930 or so used threads to connect adjacent sections. Leaking threaded radiators generally cannot be repaired. Manufacturers switched to a push-nipple design in the 1930s, and leaks in these models can be repaired using a sealant such as J-B Weld.

If you want to replace a steam or hot-water radiator, call BODEK INC. to dismantle the old radiator and install the new one. It is crucial to make sure that all pipes and valves are connected and functioning properly. Our staff is certified in comprehensive radiator installation, repair, and maintenance services. We are continually training to keep up with new innovations and best practices. Whether you are in need of a tune-up or suspect that there may be a larger heating problem at work in your home, BODEK INC. is here for you.

How Do I Know I Have A Problem With My Radiator?

  • The radiator is leaking water

  • There is rust built up on the exterior

  • There is a rust or sludge build up in the interior and it is obstructing water flow

  • The radiator is making loud or unusual noises

  • The radiator is running unexpectedly hot or experiencing temperature fluctuations

  • Part of the radiator feels cold while the rest is hot, indicating trapped air in the unit


We understand that sometimes things happen that can't be prevented. In the event of an emergency, please don't hesitate to call us. We'll isolate the issue with your radiator or boiler, assess and discuss the best course of action with you, whether that is repair or replacement, and get to work. We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You'll speak directly to an on-call technician when you call after our office hours. No waiting around wondering who is going to show up. Make us your partner in keeping your family safe and cozy all year long.

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