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Septic System Installation

Septic System Installation | Septic System Replacement | New Septic Tank Installations

Whether you are building a new home or having problems with your older septic system, BODEK INC. can help with your Septic System Installation.

Septic system installation and maintenance of complete on-site septic systems is one of BODEK INC's specialties.

We accurately assess your needs, whether for your new-build home, home addition, or older home system, giving you peace of mind that your septic system will keep up with demand and run smoothly for years to come.


Are you building a new home and need a septic system installed?

Look no further than BODEK INC. for your new septic system installation. We are your hassle-free solution. BODEK INC. strives to have a stellar reputation with our customers and other construction companies alike. Rest assured, that we will work hand-in-hand with your contractors to keep your job site running efficiently. Our reputation speaks to the pride we take in our work. Our equipment is maintained and our job sites are neat and orderly. We will work with your architect or contractor to install your up-to-code, built-to-last septic system.


Is your family growing? Are you building a home addition?


Remember that your septic system is based on the size of your home. If you are adding bedrooms, then your system should accommodate the additional family size of the house. Call BODEK INC. to check your current septic system for any known issues and evaluate it for future system usage rates. We will work with you to ensure that your septic system installation meets your needs.


In a worst case scenario, your septic system failed—now what? It's time for a new septic system installation.


We're here for you! Our expert septic system technicians can repair whatever may be backing up or clogging your system. If your system is not very old, but your drainage is failing, we'll inspect your septic system to determine if restoring your system is an alternative to completely replacing your drainfield. We can also add components during system restoration to help protect it from prematurely failing again. We will help you understand what the best option is for your needs, so you are left with a system and a price you are comfortable with.


BODEK INC. has the equipment and the manpower to handle any size project. When you are looking for a new replacement septic system, we completely remove and replace old septic systems including the septic tank, lines and drain field. Prevent failures and backups before they are a headache you don't want to have!

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