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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair | Central Air Conditioning Repair | AC System Repair

When You Have Problems With You Air Conditioning System, Get It Fixed Right.

BODEK INC. has earned a reputation as Greater Binghamton's leading residential and business air conditioning repair contractor.

One thing is for sure, we do not lack in personal attention. We will earn your trust by providing unparalleled service. Our goal is not to upsell you on whatever we can. Or goal is to get you up and running. If it's a quick fix that will last, that's what we will do. If we think it might be time to replace your air conditioning system, we will let you know that too.

These Are Some Of The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems You May Encounter:

1. The unit won't turn on.

Check that the thermostat is set to cool. Also check the power switches. Are they on? If so, move to the fuses and circuit breaker. Is your electrical system OK? 

2. The unit is making weird noises.

Go outside and check the unit itself. Is there debris on the unit? Do the blades look dirty? Make sure you turn the unit off before you perform any thorough inspection.

3. The unit is leaking.

This could be either refrigerant or water. If your A/C unit is leaking refrigerant, you'll need to give us a call to inspect the levels and the source of any potential leaks if the level wasn't low due to inadequate maintenance. There are a few potential causes if it's water that the unit is leaking. It's possible the air conditioning is not adequately cooling and the cooling coil is freezing over. Low refrigerant or air supply blockage could be the root cause. Don't delay—contact us!

4. Your thermostats aren't speaking the same language.

Is one thermostat saying one temperature, while another is reading at a very different temperature? Your thermostat may need recalibration or even a new position so that it can properly sense and read the temperature of the room. We also specialize in zoning so you know we'll get this right.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems and need to have your unit inspected and repaired, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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