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Vendors & Trusted Brands

We install and service nearly all of the top plumbing, heating, air conditioning and septic brands on the market.




Committed to customizing comfort for each homeowner fueled by continual innovation and refinement. Mitsubishi offers technologies that cool and heat your home more efficiently and effectively. BODEK INC. can provide a personal system configuration based on your needs that will simplify your life. Take your comfort into your own hands.

The i-see Sensor™ keeps tabs on your room and automatically adjusts the temperature and airflow. H2i® stands for Hyper-Heating INVERTER® which is a technology that allows you to save both energy and money in extremely cold climates by maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Zone control enables you to optimize the temperature of rooms that are in use versus rooms that are not. Create perfect comfort zones based on the way you use your home. Quiet operation is another feature of Mitsubishi units. Indoor units are whisper-quiet, while outdoor units are no louder than a refrigerator. Plus, units include enhanced filtration systems with washable filters that last up to 10 years. Indoor air quality is improved by removing dust, pollen, dander and other allergens. 


Delivering the world's hot water for more than 70 years. A. O. Smith brands include A. O. Smith Water Products, American Water Heaters, GSW, John Wood, Lochinvar, Reliance Water Heaters, State Water Heaters, Takagi and U.S. Craftmaster Water Heaters. Save energy and save money with their range of high-efficiency water heating products.


We install and service Bradford White Water Heaters. These American-made residential and commercial water heaters include: natural gas, electric (including high efficiency heat pump models), and propane models. Their lineup also includes some high-efficiency and Energy Star models. Bradford White also offers a line of natural gas and propane powered tankless water heaters known as EverHot, as well as storage tanks for solar water heaters.


Innovative. Efficient. Dependable. Products include residential and commercial hot water boilers, steam boilers, indirect water heaters and more. Dunkirk products are original, innovative designs developed from American ingenuity since 1928. They are reliable and sound–made of quality components. Warranties are competitive, too.


Laars is an American company with its manufacturing facilities located in the United States of America, and is headquartered in Rochester, NH, USA. Products made by Laars are manufactured in the United States using the finest raw materials and components from around the world to deliver the highest quality and value to its customers. Laars products are widely used in space heating, radiant floor heating, volume water heating and industrial process markets covering a range of 50,000 to 5,000,000 BTU/hr. utilizing either natural gas, liquid propane, or electricity.


Over 45 years of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing. Rinnai tankless water heaters are some of the best on the market. You get an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it. Need hot water for multiple uses? No problem! Plus, they are so efficient that you will see monthly energy savings. Rinnai also offers highly efficient condensing boilers, vent-free fan convectors and direct vent wall furnaces. The corporate mission is to use heat to provide society with comfortable lifestyles. 


High-efficiency air conditioners, heat pumps and gas furnaces, Tempstar® air conditioners are both quiet and durable. Built with a deluxe sound blanket that reduces sound levels. The galvanized steel cabinet finish is powder-coated and baked-on. It also features a two-stage compressor and two-speed fan motor that only initializes the higher stage only when temperatures are hotter which keeps operating costs low and running quiet. Copper tubing and aluminum foils work together to save on energy.


As an HVAC leader since 1885, Trane is innovative enough to provide the Eurotunnel a 33% energy savings across 31 miles under the sea, and is trusted by 10 million households. Trane's tried-and-true system efficiency merges with hybrid HVAC technology for decreased energy bills and environmentally-conscious home comfort. In 2024, Trane was voted America’s Most Trusted®️ HVAC Brand 10 Years in a row.


Since 1981, Weil-McLain® is a leading North American brand of hydronic comfort heating systems for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Contractors, engineers, architects, homeowners and facility managers rely on Weil-McLain boilers and water heaters for their comfort heating needs. Installed in homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and other facilities throughout the United States, the Weil-McLain brand is among the most trusted and often used in the industry.

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