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  • Sewer Line Breaks

  • Sewer Line Separations

  • Drain Clogs

  • Rusting

BODEK INC. is here to connect your home to essential sewer and utility services!

When it comes to utility service lines and sewer service, you want a company that will set you up with a reliable, long-term solution. We offer just that! These are not systems you should have to replace during the life of your home, so do it right the first time. Here in the greater Binghamton area, BODEK INC. is a local leader with decades of experience connecting houses to these essential services. 

We offer the same level of experience in dealing with problems that may arise with older sewer systems. Sewer line problems can occur for a number of reasons. PVC, cast iron and clay pipes can all suffer over time from root penetration, crushing and breaks, separations, and rusting. When you find that you need your line to be repaired or replaced, we can pinpoint the specific location of the problem, making the necessary repair easier to access.


Our sewer line technicians are experienced, reliable and professional. Often, we can perform sewer line repairs and replacement causing minimal damage to your yard or landscaping. If this is something you are concerned with, please speak to us about measures we can take to get the grass growing again. We are equipped with all of the latest technology to best serve you to solve your sewer and drain problems.

Our state-of-the-art video drain inspection service helps us locate your trouble at the source. Locating trouble before it damages other areas of your home is what this new technology does best. It allows our technicians and you to visually see problems by using our camera equipment to enter your drain system or sewer line. Cracked pipes, root debris or damage and improperly installed pipes can all be seen by this technology. We can find trouble-some issues with your drain system before you even know you have them... saving you time and money! Rest assured that any problem, both large and small can be found and corrected by our trained technicians.

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