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Is Fall Here To Stay?

The temperature is dropping, is fall here to stay? Schedule your furnace's annual checkup before chilly autumn nights really set in.


Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out quickly. Do you want to wake up to a freezing cold house – or worse, burst or frozen pipes? Of course not! In the worst case scenario, a faulty furnace can pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

The purpose of maintenance is to prevent an emergency phone call. Don't wait until it breaks down to make a service call. A clean, well-adjusted heating system will save you money on fuel and prolong furnace life. Plus, it's less to have annual service maintenance performed, especially when compared with the price of a new furnace.

"Would you wait a year to service your car?" Chris asks. "The heat in your house is just as important and vital to your day-to-day life."

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