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Keep Your Intake Vent Clear!

It's snowy and COLD outside, BRRR! If you have a high efficiency furnace/boiler, make sure your intake vent is clear. We want you warm and cozy in these frigid temperatures!

High efficiency gas furnaces (or “condensing” furnaces) utilize pipes to exhaust combustion gases. Most will also bring in fresh outdoor air for combustion, through the PVC pipes that extend to the outside of the home. These pipes are usually extended thru the roof if the furnace was installed when the home was built. In older homes where the furnace was installed as a replacement of a standard efficiency model, these pipes will usually be routed thru the sidewall of the house. If not installed correctly, or not checked regularly, problems in these pipes can affect the furnaces operation and leave your home without heat.

Don't be surprised if your high efficiency gas furnace suddenly stops working on the coldest, snowiest day of the year. (Windy days can cause mishaps too!) Make sure you keep your vent pipe clear or snow and ice build up. Check to see if the pipe has ice or snow in it that is blocking airflow, and of course, don't let snow pile up over the pipe. Once the exhaust flow is blocked the control board on the furnace will go into lockout mode.

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