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Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

With Daylight Savings Time a few weeks away (WOOT! WOOT! extra hour of sleep), now is the perfect time to add 9-Volt batteries to your shopping list so you can replace them in your smoke detectors.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

Make it a part of your home safety routine. Don't put yourself and your loved ones at unnecessary risk.

It's the middle of the night. And you are jarred awake by one of your smoke alarms going off. You groggily assess that there is no fire, but a bad battery is the culprit. You spend another 10 minutes figuring out which alarm it is. And then even more time trying to reach it and remember how to open it and disconnect the battery. It then stays like this for weeks, if not, months.

In the light of day, you know this is inconvenient and downright unsafe. So remember get those batteries changed!

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