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4 Ways To Save Energy At Home

Summer is in the rear-view mirror. Nights are cold. Mornings are frosty. And it has snowed!

Now is the time to get your house in check for winter so that you stay warm and toasty and don't throw money out the window (or door, or attic, or air duct) trying to do so.


1. Use a programmable thermostat. Reduce energy while you’re at work or asleep. Can save between 10% – 30% in costs.

2. Service your heating system. Keep your system running at optimum levels efficiently saving you money.

3. Close ducts in unused rooms. Redirect energy to rooms that are in use where heat is needed.

4. Insulate. Prevent heat from escaping by insulating the attic, windows, doors, and air ducts.

These efforts can add up to big savings and added comfort. So what are you waiting for? Tackle a project. And give us a call (607-777-9974) to schedule your annual heating system maintenance check-up today or request service online at

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