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Broken Furnace In Record Cold

This cold is C-O-L-D and it's about to get worse. Schools are closing in anticipation of a high of 4°F tomorrow, and a low of -4°F. Wind chills could get as low as -30°F!

Hopefully your furnace is firing and you are warm and toasty, but many are not. Motors, gas valves, dirty filters, plugged exhaust pipes -- all are things that can be addressed earlier if you have regular maintenance done. If your heating system has gone without attention, the likelihood of it going down now is increased because of the demanding workload these cold temps have put on it.

Check those filters! If it's dirty and clogged, the air won't get to the furnace and it will shut itself down. Keep snow away from your intake vents. Blowing snow can pile up in unexpected places. Make sure yours are clear. And this might sound silly, but we've seen it, please check the batteries in your thermostat. No power, no heat.

no heat record cold temperatures broken furnace wind chill frozen burst pipes cold

If you've lost heat, here are a few tips to avoid even bigger problems, like burst pipes.

- Make the call to get help. - If you have secondary heating options, like a fireplace, get them going. - Place space heaters strategically to warm pipes and prevent freezing. - Close doors to rooms without plumbing so heat can get to where it's needed the most. - Open cabinet doors under the kitchen and bathroom sinks so heat can reach the pipes. - Run water at a slight trickle to keep it moving and make it more difficult for the pipes to freeze. - Cook something in the oven or on the stove, but don't use it to heat your home.

Thanks to all our techs who are working 24/7 to keep others warm!

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