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Out of mind... keep it that way with regular maintenance from BODEK INC.


BODEK INC. services all of your septic and sewer needs no matter how large or small. Our know-how and technology ensures that we will solve your septic or sewer problem fast. We have nearly 40 years experience of troubleshooting septic and sewer systems and are completely qualified to take on any job. Pipes backed up? No problem! Time to have your septic tank pumped? Request service


Looking for Zabadal Brothers Septic Service? Look no further! In 2013, Zabadal Bros. (est. 1958) became a part of BODEK INC. We have the same reputation of being reasonably priced, dependable and reliable. We will never leave a job until you are satisfied with our work. Not only will we do the work, but we will educate you on how your system works. No one likes odors, and even worse, system backups. Regular maintenance eliminates odors, prevents floor drain backups, and reduces repair costs.


BODEK INC. will accurately diagnose your septic/sewer issues and discuss the options available to troubleshoot your problems.

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