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  • Bathroom Sinks

  • Bathtubs

  • Dishwashers

  • Drain Lines

  • Floor Drains

  • Kitchen Sinks

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Toilets

  • Utility Sinks

Call Us 24/7 for Emergency Plumbing Service 607-777-9974 

Don't waste your money on another bottle of drain cleaner! When you've got a stubborn clog, and wherever it may be, you can count on BODEK INC. to clear it fast. Clogged toilet? No problem! Standing in inches of water after a shower? We can fix that! Whether your draining slowly, or eek!, not at all, we're available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout greater Binghamton and the surrounding Southern Tier.


Potential Problem Areas

We snake backed up or slow flushing toilets and clear them all the way to the street or septic tank. Clogged drains are cleared from grease, hair, food and other obstructions. Food debris and grease are removed from kitchen sinks. Laundry room, basement or garage floor drains drain fast after they are cleared of dirt, leaves, and other debris buildup. No clog is too big, no drain goes unsolved!

BODEK INC. plumber with wrench opening pipe to clear clogged drain
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