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Two-Stage Air Conditioners Best for Southern Tier

Our customers are always asking, "What kind of air conditioning system do you recommend? What is best for our fickle Binghamton climate – single-stage or two-stage?" The short answer is a two-stage air conditioner.

BODEK INC Binghamton Air Conditioning

Single-stage air conditioning systems run on only one speed – high. As you know, our temperatures vary from moderate to hot. So you don't need a unit to run on high in short bursts all the time. You need a cooling system that will maintain an even, comfortable temperature throughout.


Since two-stage air conditioners can run on a lower speed for longer periods of time, they are almost always circulating the air in your home. So it won't get stuffy, and you won't notice hot and cold spots.


Frequently, it's the humidity that adds to discomfort in the home. A two-stage air conditioner can remove twice as much humidity than a single-stage unit can. This ensures you'll be more comfortable throughout the day and at night. Plus, your dehumidifier won't have to work as hard.


Two-stage air conditioners use less electricity because they do not turn on and off as much. And now that you know that it has two speeds, it's safe to assume that because it can run at a lower speed it saves energy that way as well.


Two-stage systems will be around and kicking longer (especially if you perform regular service) than a single-stage air conditioner because they put less wear and tear on themselves. Cycling on and off constantly puts more stress on a single-stage unit. Just another reason to choose a two-stage system so you aren't laying awake on a Binghamton hot summer night!

Give us a call or schedule an appointment to upgrade you current air conditioning unit or get information about installing a new air conditioning system.

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