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How Does AC Service Save Money?

How will having your air conditioning maintenance done save you money? That's the bottom line, isn't it? We don't want to feel like a service is an up-sell. We all want to believe that when we spend our hard earned cash on anything – it will pay back as a want or a need.

We're here to tell you that you're going to both want to do this and need to do this. Why? Because spending money is going to save you money. If that isn't both something you want and something you need, then we don't know what is!

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance


Yes, maintenance costs money. We're coming on-site. Cleaning. Checking. Listening. Testing. But this work, and these costs, are small compared to much larger costs in the long run.


We may find that there are a few common repairs and possible breakdowns at the time of your AC maintenance. It's possible you can avoid a clogged drain line, blown capacitor or failed compressor. Sounds good doesn't it? Must better than finding out any of those things happened on the hottest day of the year... which of course, is when it will happen.


Scheduling your air conditioning maintenance with BODEK INC. will lead to lower utility bills right off the bat. You're also setting your air conditioning system up for a longer lifespan. Make your investment last and work for you the very best way it can.


Of course we think the biggest savings you get by having maintenance done is peace of mind. Regular AC maintenance sets you up for of having reliable cooling for the rest of the summer. And should something go wrong, at least the technician knows that the system was in a good place, making assessing the issue less overarching (which saves you money because it's cuts down on time).

Even though we're about to hit August, it's not too late for service. It's better late than never. You wouldn't skip an oil change just because you went over the mileage you were due at, would you? And you just might avoid a breakdown in the making after the intense summer we've had.

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