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Smart Thermostat NYSEG $25 Rebate

Have you been debating upgrading your thermostat? Now is the perfect time! NYSEG is offering a $25 rebate on Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. This rebate was previously $10 for programmable thermostats, but this kind of wi-fi learning thermostat can save you money on power, keep your home comfortable, and learn you habits and preferences.

To qualify for the $25 rebate you need to:

1. Have an active NYSEG residential natural gas account, and

2. Contractor-installed (or self-installed) Wi-Fi thermostat.

So now that we've got you thinking, what options do you have? Plenty. Here are 3 top-ranked wi-fi learning thermostats.

Nest Learning Thermostat WiFi Smart NYSEG Rebate


Perhaps the most popular and well-known brand is the Nest Learning Thermostat. It was one of the first out of the gate for this type of technology. Nest learns your habits and temperature preferences. It even learns when you are home and when you are away and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Installation is relatively easy too, but we're here to help if you need it. Nest will also give you energy reports that show your savings. If you're worried about it looking pretty, you can choose from stainless steel, white, copper, bronze or black.

COST: $249 (3rd Gen)

Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat NYSEG Rebate


This big draw on this wi-fi thermostat is that it comes with a room sensor, so that it can assess and learn temperature control throughout your home. You can add sensors on to the system for every room in your home for true whole house regulation. It is also fairly easy to install, configure and customize. We've heard that people have started with Nest, but turned to this as a better option for their home.

COST: $249

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat NYSEG Rebate


This is the cheapest option of the three we're featuring. It's also the most colorful with a customizable touch screen. You can change the background color to match the wall, your mood, or even your favorite team. The LCD will even show you your indoor temperature, relative humidity, outdoor temperature and humidity, and more. Set up is simple and easy. You'll answer a few questions create a 7-day schedule that you can then tweak at any time.

COST: $199

If you're in doubt about what option would work best for you, give us a call or schedule an installation. We'll help you choose the best one for you home and habits, and get you up and running. The cost of these thermostats has remained pretty much the same over the years, so get on the smart home train and start saving right off the bat with this NYSEG rebate.

The rebate application can be found here.

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