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Plumbing Cameras Give You The Inside Scoop

There used to be a lot of guesswork involved in household plumbing repairs. That's because it was impossible to definitively know what was going on inside a pipe. The only way you could tell was to expose and remove it, which meant money, time and was a big hassle. Rather than spend thousands of dollars to dig up an entire lawn, it often made sense to snake a sewer pipe repeatedly and hope for the best.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue in the form of plumbing cameras. Just like a plumbing snake, these devices can be fed into plumbing systems and flexed around corners with ease. But unlike a standard snake, plumbing cameras let you see the inside of a pipe in real time, showing the exact location and severity of clogs, leaks and other problems.

A plumbing camera is the most reliable way to be absolutely sure your plumber knows what's going on before a single turn of the wrench. When it comes to planning a repair, no method is faster, cheaper, safer or less invasive. Not only is the plumbing camera the optimal way to diagnose a problem, it's often the best way to confirm that a repair was performed properly. A quick follow-up with the camera can save you and your plumber a lot of time and uncertainty in the long run.

Plumbing Camera Pipe Problem Snake Visual Detection Leak Clog

Here are just a few situations where a plumbing camera inspection can spare you time, money and hassle:

When you need to know how big the problem is. Because most household plumbing is hidden (walls, ceilings, ground), what begins as a small job can often develop into a major ordeal. A camera inspection won't make a huge project more manageable, but it can show you know exactly what you're getting into.

When you're buying a home. A thorough home inspection is a standard part of any home buying process, but not every home inspector is equipped with a plumbing camera. If you really want to be sure of what you're buying, arrange for us to be on-site to give it all a thorough look. While we're there we can also assess the state of your heating, air conditioning and septic (if applicable).

When you can't find a leak. If your water bill is too high and there's a musty odor (telltale signs a leak is present), but you still don't know where it's coming from. Pinpointing the leak is just a matter of searching with a camera.

When you're remodeling. If your plans involve moving or installing a tub, toilet or sink, you'll need to know exactly where your pipes are. When detailed blueprints are unavailable, a camera inspection can show the way.

When something goes down the drain. If you've accidentally washed away a beloved piece of jewelry, there's always a chance you can spot and retrieve it with the help of a plumbing camera. It's worth a look if it's something that you just can't live without.

Could you use a camera inspection of your pipes? Reach out to us. We're your local, licensed, experienced plumbers. We love this stuff.

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