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Springtime Plumbing Maintenance

It actually came this year... SPRING! With the weather turning warmer, now is the perfect time to get up off the couch and perform some routine maintenance. It may save you headaches and keep money in your pocket, so the little time you spend now is well worth it. You can thank us later when the sun is shining and you're relaxing sipping on some hard lemonade.


Clean shower heads and faucets. Having hard water leads to mineral buildups. We recommend that you soak your fixtures in vinegar overnight to remove the mineral deposits that have formed over time. Simply add a cup of vinegar to a plastic bag, put the bag over the fixture and secure with a rubber band. When you remove it in the morning you'll be left with a sparking clean shower head/faucet with water running freely throughout.

Flushing your hot water tank is another way that you can remove unwanted mineral deposit buildups. Regularly flushing your hot water heater can improve it's efficiency, reduce costs and extend its life. Give us a call at 607-777-9974 to request seasonal maintenance. One of our trained, professional BODEK INC. technicians will service your hot water heater inside and out.


We've already had some heavy rains, so maybe you've noticed that your gutters are struggling to perform as expected. Get out there while the sun is shining and the bugs aren't buzzing and clean out your gutters! It's also important to repair any areas where your gutters may have pulled away from your home. TIP: Did you have large icicles hanging in a particular spot? That's a good place to look for both drainage blockage and insecurity. The added weight may have caused them to detach from the roof. Clean out any leaves, branches, and other debris while you are up there inspecting. Blockages can lead to water buildup and overflow which can result in flooding. Your gutter system is an integral part of your home's drainage system.


Tree roots have a way of creeping in your water and sewer pipes. This is especially true in older homes where trees have grown and developed extensive root systems. What happens when the roots get in? They can cause buildups and blockages that can lead to unwanted (who would ever want this really?) sewage backups and even basement flooding. BODEK INC. can inspect your pipes for any blockages or problem areas to ensure that you won't have any back-up issues. REQUEST SERVICE

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