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An Ounce of Prevention...

An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure.

Once again we are stressing the importance of a yearly check-up.

Having your heating and air conditioning equipment cleaned and checked on an annual basis is more than just preventative maintenance. In the fall and winter months, your appointment ensures that you're getting a skilled set of eyes to look at your boiler or furnace before it starts doing the heavy lifting. There could be signs of equipment fatigue or even the tell-tale signs of impending failure. It’s better to be forewarned and be proactive with a bad boiler or furnace part, rather than dealing with it during a cold winter’s night.

Gas-Fired Boiler Efficient Wall On-Demand Binghamton System BODEK INC

Our technicians also perform a carbon monoxide test during every clean and check. This test is not only a good indicator of a poorly performing heating cycle but our technicians also check for any carbon monoxide leaking into the vents and living space. Even though a technician’s findings may show acceptable limits of carbon monoxide in the flue and chimney, it is always prudent to have multiple carbon monoxide detectors in your home, especially in the sleeping areas.

Our technicians not only have expert visual and diagnostic skills, but they have an acute sense of hearing when it comes to the sounds of motors and draft inducers. Often, “something doesn’t sound right” can lead to a timely repair that would otherwise leave you scrambling for service on a weekend when replacement parts are more difficult to obtain.

In the summertime, air conditioning maintenance can be another wise preventative investment. Is the system leaking refrigerant into the atmosphere? Have animals be eating at the control wires out to the condenser? Are the coils free of debris that may hinder the cooling cycle? Are the condensate drains running smoothly? All of these and a lot more can lead to a cool and comfortable summer rather than suffering through sweltering down time.

Even newly installed equipment can benefit from an annual clean and check on both the heating and cooling equipment in your home. While new equipment comes backed by a warranty, increasingly manufacturers are requiring homeowners to provide a track record of maintenance. If, in the eyes of the manufacturer, you have been neglectful on the upkeep of your heating or cooling equipment, they may be reluctant to back their own warranty.

Be prepared. Be preventative. Breathe easy with BODEK INC.

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