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Home Maintenance Checklist

Want a handy checklist highlighting home maintenance tasks and how often they should be tackled? Of course you do! No need to hunt all over Pinterest looking for one (but we are on there too), just check this graphic out.

Home Maintenance Checklist Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Septic Binghamton New York

Here's the breakdown...


Get your garbage disposal and dishwasher sparkling and smelling great. Run the disposal with a batch of ice cubes followed by baking soda or citrus peels and hot water to clean and freshen. Get the stink out by running your dishwasher while empty with a commercial cleaner, white vinegar, or baking soda. Your tub will glisten!

EVERY FEW MONTHS Check, change or clean water filters throughout the house. This means keeping an eye on your whole-house filter and any you may have on individual faucets or containers (like BRITA® pitchers and dispensers). You should also perform a plumbing quick check while you are at it. Remove and clean faucet aerators and check faucets, shower heads, and toilets for leaks. Give any visible pipes a look too.


Change batteries in all of your smoke detectors and thermostats. If you've been along for the ride with us, then you know we recommend you do this at Daylight Savings Time. It's a convenient for you to remember to get the job done. Also, take care of those 2 units that keep your clothes clean. Run an empty clothes washer with commercial cleaner or chlorine bleach on a hot cycle to clean. Hit the lint trap and exhaust pipe of you clothes dryer with a vacuum.

Similarly, in the Spring and Fall you should check for worn shingles, damaged flashing, and clogged vents. Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts for damage and drainage. While you're outside, straighten bent frames, replace torn screens and cracked glass, and repair hardware on your storm windows and screens.


Flush your hot water tank to remove sediment and mineral solids from the tank that can shorten its lifespan. Don't know how to tackle this? We do! Have a professional technician inspect and perform annual maintenance on your heating and air conditioning equipment each year, too


Have your septic tank inspected and pumped to limit your risks or backup or failure.

There you have it. Your quick home maintenance checklist of high points that you might not remember (or would prefer not to think about... we're looking at you septic tank!) When in doubt, check it out!

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