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Air Conditioning Quick Tips

Some questions we get asked over and over again. And while the answers may seem obvious, sometimes we all need a little prodding to get the job done right! With summer heat here to stay for the next couple of months, be sure your air conditioner is humming away pumping out cool air to keep the crankies away!

How often should I have my air conditioning equipment serviced?

Air Conditioning equipment should be serviced once a year. At BODEK INC. we recommend having your air conditioning system checked in the spring. That way you‘ll be ready for anything that the season has to throw at you!

Since at this point you've missed that by a few months, it's never too late to make sure your system gets its proper checkup. You wouldn't skip your oil change altogether just because you went a thousand miles passed the recommended interval, now would you?!

overgrown air conditioner unit ac condenser a/c air-conditioning conditioning

What can I do to protect my A/C unit and how can I keep it clean?

Trim plants and bushes around the unit to provide at least twelve (12) inches of clearance for air flow. Keep pets away from the outdoor unit, as the acid in pet urine is a corrosive that will deteriorate the metal. Have the unit services annually to maintain cleanliness and ensure proper air flow.

How important is it to change my filter?

A clean filter allows good airflow that is critical to the efficient operation of any air conditioning system. A clean, high efficient air filter will also protect the system from the harmful effect of dirt buildup on the vital components of the air handler. A high quality air filtration system also provides for cleaner air in your home and ensures a higher level of comfort for you and your family.

What size air conditioner do I really need for my home?

A properly sized system is very important when you are looking to have a new air conditioning system installed. A system that is too big for your home will cool or heat your house quickly, but you probably won’t feel as comfortable as you wish. In the case of A/C, that’s because the thermostat sensed the desired temperature before the system could get the humidity out of the air. You feel sticky and humid and your house us susceptible to moisture and mold issues. A system that is too small never can keep up and will never cycle off. This greatly increases your energy bills and substantially reduces the life of your system.

A properly sized system isn't just based on square feet of your home. Many factors go into determining the size of the system including thickness of the wall walls, number and size of windows, thickness of insulation, basement and attic use, house orientation, and many other details. A BODEK INC. comfort specialist will take detailed measurements of your home and scientifically determine the best system for you! We will fit your home with the most efficient system for years of comfort and reliability.

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